About möbius

Our Mission
Mobius Inc. has been providing Information Technology services to our clients since 2004.  It is our goal to help clients increase productivity with technology.  Creating a unified computing experience can be complicated, Mobius’s certified and trained staff can overcome many of the challenges and hurdles in today’s complex Information Technology world.

What we can do for your Buisness
Mobius Inc. is an all-inclusive technology service provider.  We can deliver a wide range of technical support over many technology systems.  We specialize in heterogeneous computer environments for small to medium sized companies.  Being a platform agnostic provider Mobius Inc. is well experienced with Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Hypervisor, Backup, Enterprise Networking, Exchange, IM and VoIP solutions, and how to make all these platforms integrate seamlessly.  A complete unified computing solution allows our clients to work from anywhere without losing a single component of productivity.